Environmental, Social, & Governance


There are several kinds of emissions categorized as Greenhouse Gases (“GHG”). Of primary concern is the amount of CO2 produced by operations which painted Pony tracks through measuring the amount of CO2 produced  per boe of production. In recent years Painted Pony instituted several initiatives and programs to proactively reduce CO2 intensity. These programs includes substituting clean-burning natural gas for a portion of diesel fuel used in completion operations, which during 2019 reduced the amount of diesel consumed by over 450,000 liters or approximately 25%. Additionally, Painted Pony is not flaring any natural gas during the testing of new wells. These are just two examples of Painted Pony’s efforts to reduce the CO2 intensity of operations. Painted Pony is pleased to report that for the years 2014 through to 2018, tonnes of CO2 per produced boe was reduced by 62%.

Reducing methane emissions, another GHG, is also a focus. Painted Pony has become an industry leader in the use of the ‘EPOD Solar Hybrid Power Generation and Instrument Air Systems’ on well sites which eliminates vented emissions from individual well sites.  Painted Pony has recently implemented a ‘zero venting protocol’ on all new well sites which management believes long-term will further reduce methane emissions, further lowering Painted Pony’s total GHG emissions.

Reducing fresh water use whenever possible has always been a priority. Painted Pony participates in a local ‘Water Co-operative’ with other producers in the area of operations. Through this program Painted Pony shares completion water to further reduce freshwater use. Not only does this reduce the amount of freshwater extracted from natural sources, this also helps save on water trucking and disposal costs. This is good for the environment and helps to reduce cash costs.  

In addition to the sharing of completion water with other producers, Painted Pony has been steadily increasing the amount of recycled water used in operations.  Painted Pony has not sourced any fresh water from streams or rivers in the past five years, instead sourcing any fresh water from dug outs. In 2020 Painted Pony anticipate using 100% recycled water for all completion operations. This is a significant milestone in Painted Pony’s  water conservation efforts and which further reduces water capital costs. 


Painted Pony continues to have constructive relationships with neighbouring Indigenous communities. Management speaks and meets with these communities frequently as open lines of communication and mutual respect are a large part of why these relationships are positive.  They are Painted Pony’s ‘neighbours’ and the Corporation strives to have a very good relationship with them.

In addition to positive Indigenous relationships, Painted Pony actively engages with many charitable and community initiatives. The Corporation continues to help groups who are supportive of youth mental health, various local social support programs, homelessness, and other worthy causes to support families and individuals.


Painted Pony believes that good governance is the foundation of any great company. Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. (“ISS”), the world’s leading provider of corporate governance and responsible investment solutions, provided Painted Pony with an aggregate score of ‘1’ in 2019.  The scale for this rating is a 1-10 scale where 1 is the highest level of governance quality and lowest level of governance risk.  Painted Pony’s score of ‘1’ in 2019 was the best aggregate score attainable and the best in the Corporation’s peer group of companies.

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