First Nations Engagement

Painted Pony believes in a strong and collaborative working relationship with our First Nations neighbors and stakeholders in north-east British Columbia. We meet regularly with the chief & council of both the Blueberry River and Halfway River First Nations to discuss areas of common interest. We want to ensure we understand their perspectives and viewpoints with respect to our activities within traditional lands.

First Nations Community Investment Initiatives

Painted Pony invests in local First Nations communities through grants, sponsorships and other funding initiatives which strengthen our mutual relationship and provides long-term benefits to local communities. Painted Pony supports initiatives that provide education and training opportunities, responsible environmental stewardship, cultural support, and other programs designed to benefit these communities.

  • Christmas Hampers

    Every Christmas Painted Pony delivers Christmas hampers to each family living in both the Halfway River First Nation and the Blueberry River First Nation communities in order to connect directly with individuals and families.

    Painted Pony delivering Christmas Hampers to Blueberry River First Nation

  • Support of the Halfway & Blueberry Rodeos

    Painted Pony is proud to sponsor both the Halfway River Rodeo, held at the Halfway River First Nation each August; and the Norman Yahey Memorial Rodeo held at the Blueberry River First Nation each July. These rodeos are important events to both First Nations as they bring together residents from across the northern Peace region.

    Halfway River Valley Round-Up Open Rodeo

  • Blueberry River First Nation Cultural Camp

    Painted Pony contributes to, and participates in, the annual Blueberry Cultural Camp held at Pink Mountain, BC. The Blueberry Cultural Camp is an opportunity for members of the Blueberry River First Nation to come together and explore their cultural history while engaging in traditional activities such as hunting, camping, and story sharing.

    Painted Pony President & CEO, Pat Ward, throwing an axe at the Blueberry River Cultural Camp


Painted Pony is committed to providing ongoing education and training opportunities for First Nations youth in the energy industry. In 2016, we were proud to co-sponsor, along with seven other oil & gas companies, the first-ever “First Nations Field Operator Training Program” in which 14 members of the Blueberry River First Nation learned the skills necessary to become qualified field & plant operators.

Painted Pony President & CEO, Pat Ward, speaking to the First Nations Field Operator Class

Painted Pony employs two graduates from this program who are continuing their training with Painted Pony as field operators. The skills learned by program participants will enable them to begin careers in highly-skilled jobs within the oil & gas industry.


Painted Pony is committed to ensuring that our First Nations neighbors can access employment and economic opportunities. We employ several First Nations people and aboriginal-owned companies in our field operations.

Painted Pony hires several local aboriginal-owned businesses from both Halfway and Blueberry First Nations for contract work wherever possible.

Halfway River First Nations Job Fair

Cultural Awareness

In 2015 and 2016, Painted Pony was privileged to support and fund a Traditional Land Use Study in the traditional territory of the Halfway River First Nation, where much of Painted Pony’s development activities take place. The study, undertaken by the Halfway River First Nation, gathered and compiled archaeological, wildlife and environmental information from the area which helped to further Painted Pony’s understanding and knowledge of the cultural significance of the area. These learnings will help to inform and shape Painted Pony’s future development plans in the area.

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