The Montney, NorthEast B.C., canada


Painted Pony has over 314 net sections of land with an average 94% working interest on its Montney lands, and operatorship on all key properties.

Key Facilities

Painted Pony has over 115 MMcf/d of existing processing capacity, including 100% working interest facilities at Townsend and West Blair, an operated 50% working interest facility at Daiber, and capacity at third party owned and operated facilities. Expected processing capacity at the proposed AltaGas Townsend Facility will be 150 MMcf/d in its first year of operations, increasing to 198 MMcf/d in its second year of operations.

Alaska Highway

The Company’s properties are located adjacent to the paved, multi-lane Alaska Highway, providing the Company with year-round access to its field operations.

Pipelines (Sales lines)

Painted Pony enjoys excellent pipeline egress to multiple North American markets and potential future international markets. The Company’s assets are uniquely situated to deliver gas volumes into Spectra, Alliance or AECO-NGT pipelines, and are well positioned to deliver to the future North Montney Mainline project currently proposed by TransCanada.

Royalty Line

Painted Pony’s lands are positioned within the British Columbia reduced royalty area ($2.2M average royalty credit per well), providing one of the most competitive royalty structures in North America.


Core area producing through AltaGas Blair Creek facility and Painted Pony 25 MMcf/d operated facilities at West Blair and Daiber.


A liquids-rich, high working interest area producing to Painted Pony operated facility and the 198 MMcf/d AltaGas Townsend facility.

Facility Construction

View the timelapse video of our ipsum dolor facility under construction. It was completed on time and on budget.

Facility Construction

View a timelapse video of the construction of Painted Pony’s 25 mmcf/d operated facility at Townsend and the drilling of a natural gas well in the winter of 2014.

Emergency Phone: 1-888-775-0440


Suite 1800, 736 – 6th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3T7 P: 403 475-0440 F: 403 238-1487 TF: 1-866-975-0440 E:


Call 1-888-775-0440 to report concerns regarding any of Painted Pony’s field operations. This is for EMERGENCIES ONLY and does not connect to Painted Pony’s head office.


Suite 1800, 736 – 6th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 3T7 P: 403 475-0440 F: 403 238-1487 TF: 1-866-975-0440 E: