Board of Directors

Glenn R. Carley, , , B.A., J.D., M.B.A., ICD.D , , Calgary, Alberta, Canada Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, Compensation Committee, Nominating Committee, Governance Committee, Audit Committee

Director of Marquee Energy Ltd., a public oil and gas company, since December 2011 and is a former Director of Guide Exploration Ltd. (formerly Galleon Energy Inc.), a public oil and gas company, from 2003 until 2011 (and Executive Chairman from January 2003 to August 2011). Chairman and Director of Culane Energy Corp. (a public oil and gas company) from December 2002 to February 2011. Chairman of High Point Resources Inc. from October 2001 to August 2005. Mr. Carley has also been the President of Selinger Capital Inc., a private investment company for more than the last five years. He was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Venture Energy Inc. (a private oil and gas company) from December 2002 to December 2004. Mr. Carley was Executive Chairman of Flagship Energy Inc. (a public oil and gas company) from January 2005 to September 2008. Mr. Carley was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of New Venture Energy Inc. (a private oil and gas company) from December 2004 to December 2005. Mr. Carley was co-founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Magin Energy Inc. (a public oil and gas company) from January 1995 to June 2001.

Mr. Carley, B.A., J.D., M.B.A., ICD.D, holds a Masters of Business Administration, a Juris Doctor degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Kevin D. Angus, , , P. Geoph., ICD.D , , Calgary, Alberta, CanadaReserves Committee, Compensation Committee

Mr. Angus is President of KD Angus Corp. (a private company providing exploration consulting services.) and was Vice President, Exploration of Surge Energy Inc. (a public oil and gas company) from April 2010 to October 2012, Mr. Angus was Executive Vice President and Director of Pegasus Oil and Gas Inc. (a public oil and gas company) from June 2006 to August 2009. Prior to that, Mr. Angus was Vice President, Exploration at Mustang Resources Inc. (a public oil and gas company) from June 2003 to July 2005. Mr. Angus was at Husky Oil Operations Ltd. (a public oil and gas company) from 1983 to 1994. Thereafter, Mr. Angus worked in senior geophysical positions at three junior oil and natural gas companies, Petrorep Resources Inc. (1994 to 1995), Ulster Petroleums Ltd., (1995 to 1996) and Archean Energy Ltd. (1997). Mr. Angus was President of KD Angus & Associates Ltd. (a private company providing exploration consulting services) from 1997 to 2002.

Mr. Angus, P. Geoph., graduated in 1983 with a Bachelors of Science degree. Mr. Angus is registered as a Professional Geophysicist with APEGA and is a member of the CSEG and the SEG.

David W. Cornhill , , , Calgary, Alberta, CanadaGovernance Committee

Mr. Cornhill is a founding member of AltaGas Ltd. and has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since its inception on April 1, 1994. He is currently a director of Alterra Power Corp. and has served on the boards of many for‐profit and not‐for‐profit organizations. Prior to forming AltaGas Ltd., Mr. Cornhill served at Alberta and Southern Gas Co. Ltd. in the capacities of President and Chief Operating Officer, Vice President, Finance and Administration and Treasurer from 1987 to March 31, 1994, and in various roles at Gulf Canada Resources Limited from 1980 to 1987.

Mr. Cornhill holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honours from the University of Western Ontario and an M.B.A. from the Ivey School of Business.

Joan E. Dunne, , , C.A. , , Calgary, Alberta, CanadaAudit Committee

Ms. Dunne brings more than 30 years of experience in financial and strategic capacities within the upstream oil and natural gas sector. Ms. Dunne currently serves as a Director of Tundra Oil & Gas Limited and as a Director of Sprott Resource Corp. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the newly formed Capital Markets Authority Implementation Organization. This board is intended to be appointed to the Capital Markets Regulatory Authority board upon its establishment. Ms. Dunne also serves on two of CPA Canada's committees: she co-chairs and is a member of the Canadian Performance Reporting Board and she chairs the Small Company Advisory Group. During the course of her career, Ms. Dunne was Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer of True Energy Trust / True Energy Inc. and of Ionic Energy Inc. and held senior financial positions with Petrorep Resources Ltd. and Barrington Petroleum Ltd. Ms. Dunne was a founder and Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Painted Pony before retiring from that role in September 2013. A graduate of the University of Calgary (B. Comm), Ms. Dunne is also a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta (CPA, CA) and has an ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Nereus L. Joubert, , , LLB, LLD , , Calgary, Alberta, CanadaGovernance Committee (Chair), Nominating Committee (Chair)

Dr. Joubert has held several executive positions in the Sasol Group of companies in the past 19 years including his role as former Country President of Sasol Canada since March 2011. He has served as director on the boards of many of the subsidiaries of Sasol Limited (a NYSE and Johannesburg Securities Exchange listed company) including recently on Sasol Petroleum International (Pty) Limited, Sasol Synfuels (Pty) Limited and Sasol’s Canadian legal entities. From June 2003 until March 2011, he was a Group Executive of Sasol Limited (a position similar to a Senior Vice President) for Legal and Assurance. He served as a member of the Group Executive Committee of Sasol Limited from 1996 to March 2011.

In 1994, Dr. Joubert was appointed Company Secretary of Sasol Limited and in 1995 he was appointed General Manager and Company Secretary. Prior thereto, from 1983 to 1994 he was a full time member of the Faculty of Law of the Rand Afrikaans University (now the University of Johannesburg), initially as Lecturer, to finally become the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law.

Dr. Joubert obtained his Doctorate of Law in 1986, his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) in 1981 and his B. Juris in 1979 at the University of Johannesburg. He also completed an Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School in 2000.

Lynn Kis , , P. Eng. , , Calgary, Alberta, CanadaReserves Committee (Chair), Audit Committee

Ms. Kis, was Senior Vice President and Manager of Ryder Scott Company, Canada. Ms. Kis began her career at the Energy and Resources Conservation Board and then moved into roles of increasing responsibility at such companies as Gulf Canada Inc., Sundance Oil Company Canada and Brent Petroleum Industries Ltd. She then worked as a consultant for approximately 10 years for numerous clients including Talisman Energy Inc., BP Canada Resources Ltd., Encor Inc., the TD Bank and the AMH Group; Ms. Kis joined Jordan Petroleum as Engineering Manager in 1994 and then moved to Pengrowth Energy Corporation where she became Vice President of Engineering and Planning. In 2006 she joined AJM Petroleum Consultants as Vice President and Partner, then Director of Evaluations, Energy and Resources Advisory Services at AJM Deloitte. Ms. Kis formerly served as a board director for 8 years for the non‐profit organization, Aspen Family Services.

Ms. Kis holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with honours from the University of Wales, Cardiff and is a member of APEGA and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Arthur J.G. Madden, , , C.M.A., M.B.A., ICD.D , , Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaAudit Committee (Chair), Reserves Committee

Chief Financial Officer of Crown Point Ventures Ltd. from October 2009. President of 554492 Alberta Ltd. (a private company providing consulting services to the energy sector since 1993). Mr. Madden was Vice President Finance, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Adamant Energy Inc. (a private oil and gas company) from July 2004 to May 2008. Mr. Madden was Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer of Cavell Energy Corporation (a public oil and gas company) from June 1994 to July 2004.

Mr. Madden, C.M.A., M.B.A., ICD.D has a Certified Management Accountant designation, Masters of Business Administration from Queens University as well as certification from the Institute of Corporate Directors. Mr. Madden is a member of Financial Executives International.

Patrick R. Ward, , , P. Geol. , , Calgary, Alberta, CanadaPresident and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ward, P. Geol, who has more than 31 years of experience in the oil and natural gas industry, graduated from the University of Calgary in 1978 with an Honors Degree in Geology.

Mr. Ward was Vice-President, Exploration of Innova Exploration from May 2004 to May 2006. Mr. Ward co-founded Chowade Energy Ltd. in 2003 which was merged into Innova Exploration in 2004. From 1999 to 2003 Mr. Ward was Manager, Geology & Geophysics with the NCE Resources Group and Petrofund Energy Trust, where he was a key member of the Petrofund Management team.

Mr. Ward was Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Rockport Energy Corp. from 1998 to 1999 and from 1981 to 1997 he worked for Total Petroleum Canada, which became Rigel Oil & Gas where he was Exploration Manager for the last 7 years.

Mr. Ward is a member of APEGA and AAPG, as well as a Governor of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

Peter A. Williams, , , , Calgary, Alberta, CanadaCompensation Committee (Chair)

Mr. Williams currently serves as Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Annapolis Capital Limited, a private equity investment fund management company, and serves as a director of various companies, including: Caltex Resources Ltd., Venturion Oil Limited and Artis Exploration Ltd. He also served as a director (and, for some, a member of the audit committee) of various other companies, including: Avalanche Energy Limited, Ice Energy Limited, Glacier Energy Limited, Berland Exploration Ltd., Greenbank Energy Ltd., Breton Energy Inc., Corinthian Energy Corp., Caltex Energy Inc., Bulldog Oil & Gas Inc., Evolve Exploration Ltd., Highrock Energy Ltd., Corinthian Exploration Corp. and Hawk Exploration Ltd. Prior to co-founding Annapolis Capital Limited, Mr. Williams acted as Chairman and CEO of two private oil and gas companies, Krang Energy Inc., and Passage Energy Inc., and as Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of a public oil and gas company, Stampeder Exploration Ltd. Prior thereto, Mr. Williams practiced corporate and securities law at Bennett Jones LLP for 11 years. Mr. Williams holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Laws degree, both from Dalhousie University.

Paul Beitel, , , P.Eng, MBA , , Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mr. Beitel is Managing Director at ARC Financial Corp. and co-leads ARC's portfolio management team. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan and a MBA from the University of Calgary. Mr. Beitel is a designated P. Eng in the Province of Alberta and is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

George Voneiff, , , M.Sc , , Bryan, Texas, United States

Mr. Voneiff is the Chief Executive Officer of Unconventional Resources, LLC, a US exploration and production company, and was a director and co-founder of UGR Blair Creek Ltd. He teaches graduate-level classes on Petroleum Economics and Reserves at Texas A&M University and is Co-Chair of the Executive Committee of the Texas A&M Petroleum Department Industry Advisory Board. Mr. Voneiff holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science, both in Petroleum Engineering, from Texas A&M University.

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